Two year journal

Go ahead...

Dream out loud...


We have some  new athletes for the season with goals from Age Group Nationals to first Ironman and athletes working towards Kona.  Things are going great with their training and we are seeing some fantastic results.  I recently went through my workouts for the year and have picked up my mileage over some of my best years.   I have a full workload, including  races and maybe a 4th.   The personal goal remains getting faster and getting back to my favorite race, Kona.  


I have three new athletes as of recent with others looking for coaching.  Everyone is doing very well and should hit their goals for 2016.  I am looking forward to gaining strength from my stress fracture that hampered the end of the 2015 season.  I hope to be strong and ready for a shot at a Kona qualification for the fall of this year.    I married Jayne in December and we had a tremendous wedding and honeymoon.  She is always there behind me, pushing me forward and making me a better triathlete and human.


I have two new athletes as of recent.  I am excited to see their progress.  

Due to my son's upcoming graduation from United States Air Force Basic Training, I had to alter the late summer season.  Instead of racing Muskoka full, I had to switch to Lake Tahoe.   This is super close to Louisville so we shall see how I hold out.   It will be a great experience and I look forward to this challenging event.  

I have new personal now in Professional Triathlete Matt Russell. It should be a nice ride for the next couple years.   With 4 years left until work retirement, I am looking forward to getting lightning fast for 50-54.


New things are on the way, including a new website update! 
New athletes, new camps, new goals!


Unfortunately, I did not qualify at Louisville but I did make some major swim breakthroughs.  I realize what direction I need to go
to get where I NEED to be.  

I have athletes training for upcoming IM events and am excited to see them finish with personal records.   

Even with Louisville being my 19th full Ironman event, I continue to learn and develop as an athlete and a coach.  


I am continuing to get stronger and am working hard at all three disciplines.  I have IM Louisville up next and I will be doing all I can 
qualify for Kona there.  After that, I have IM Arizona.  That will be my 20th full Ironman event.

Just coming off a solid 6th place OA at a very fast olympic event, I know I have some speed in my legs, despite the longer training. 
After a couple weeks there is some rest on the horizon, mental preparation and then I just need to go out and get it! 

My athletes are doing very well.  IMTN is the next one up for them. 


Ironman Los Cabos and Boston Marathion are in the books so far for 2014.  Both races were for "training" and worked out quite well.  
While I had all indoor bike training for Los Cabos, I was stilll in a position to go to roll down.  

Boston was fun and I desiced to go based on what happened at last year's event.  The crowd wad great as usual and America was in it for sure. 

I am racing for a new team this year, the  "MarkAllenOnline Elite Team".
I also have extended coachinng so things are going well.  

My athletes are doing well this season and building some serious base. I am looking forward to watching them do everything from olympic to Ironman. 
Up next is Ironman Brazil and I am looking forward to shooting for my sub-9:50 Ironman PR for this event.  There will be a lot of hard work to come this summer. 


Ironman Arizona did not go as planned.  The swim went ok but after that the issues started.  My first lap on the bike went very well and I was right where I needed to be for a sub 5 hour ride.  On loop two, I flatted twice.My Continental Competition tubulars are usually pretty trustworthy but they let me down in this race.

I was able to obtain assistance from the bike techs but lost so much time that I was out of qualifying contention.  I made up my mind to just help out other racers for the remainder of the day.  

I assisted in changing three flats and provided mental boosts to everyone I saw stopped on the road.  I stopped and got off my bike to talk to everyone that was pulled over.  

I was mentally smoked and my HR and BP spiked after the second flat.  I continued to assist on the run and walked and smiled when I needed to and just got through the day.

We will be doing a great strength plan this winter and come back in top form.  4 Full Ironman events are on the calendar for 2014 as well as Boston Marathon.  

I am hoping to make an announcement soon on who I will represent for next season.  

Two new athletes came aboard this fall.  WELCOME!


It is time for one last big push before Ironman Arizona.  This will be Ironman number 16 for me and the last of the 2013 season.  The last few weeks have included some difficult training and I am planning on a great event. 

The weather in Michigan has been nice, despite the cool summer.  I have enjoyed swimming in the lake well into October.   

We have started plans for 2014 and even 2015.  I hope to have some very exciting announcements very soon.  Athletes are starting to sign for the 2014 season and I look forward to working with them.  


I returned to Louisville last weekend for the 7th time and my 15th Ironman event.  Things went very well in the water.  I had some issues with the bike pacing and some small equipment issues.  The run started strong but I wasn't able to hold the run as in Brazil.  I know what adjustments need to be made and they will be done before AZ.

I was 56th overall out of 3000+ people, including 21 pros.  9th in the AG and ONE SPOT FROM KONA.  This is the second time for this.  
It won't happen again!


Success at the Canadian tri this weekend.  Unfortunately, it became a duathlon because of rough conditions but I was strong enough to finish 5th overall (4 20-29 year olds ahead of me) and first in the 40-49 Age Group.  

The run portions went very well and I am happy the speed is coming back. That was one of my best 10k runs off the bike ever....if not THE fastest. There is still room to go as well as I wasn't at 100 percent.  

Jayne and Collin both raced and it was great to see them both out there.

Up next is Ironman 15th Ironman and my 7th in Louisville.  


Well, the good news continues as I reached another goal in 2013.  I finished 3rd Overall in a Half Ironman yesterday in some pretty
tough conditions.  

Two of my coached athletes reached their goals of their longest events and one placed second in his age group, beating his "goal" time
by about a half an hour.  

It looks like I may be gaining two more athletes for the later part of the season and next year is already shaping up to be a good one. 

Next up for me is an Olympic distance race this weekend, a great epic training weekend then Ironman Louisville and Arizona.  

Thanks to Jayne for her support this weekend!  There are some photos in the gallery section. 


After the the Personal Record from the half marathon, I was very happy to see the trend continue with a Sub 10 PR at Ironman Brasil.
I learned a lot about myself during this race.

There is more left in the tank and I know I can go even faster.  With two more Ironman events left in 2013, I will have a couple more shots at it before I hit the winter strength training cycle. athletes are racking up some good finishes and records!  Way to go!


After a dismal Ironman Los Cabos and weeks with a broken bike, everything is back to good.  I have been training hard and recently
set a new PR in half marathon distance.  This race was at the end of a tough training camp in Louisville KY.  My new athletes are doing great and are already setting PR's!  Up next is Ironman Brazil!

The season is now starting up.  I signed a couple new athletes for this year and more scheduled to start within a month.  
Things are looking good for the year.  

I have my major race schedule set:
Ironman Los Cabos
Louisville Half Marathon
Ironman Brasil
Caseville 1/2 Ironman
Ironman Louisville
Ironman Arizona
I'm also looking at a fall marathon

The Kestrels are gone and sold to a good home.  I am riding a German  bike called "Storck Aero 2".  I know this one can rock so after I get used to it, it should be a great, stiff bike.  


Life has changed drastically for me in the last few months and is the reason for me laying pretty low.  I am coming back one day at a time 
and thanks to a few great people and making good strides!  While I have been busy racing, it hasn't been my best result year but as you 
will read below, there are good signs that I may be back in 2013 with some wicked results!  

Anyhow some great racing this last weekend at the Berlin Marathon. I have completed a goal of a marathon in under 3 hours and have a new goal set for 2:50.  

The super busy fall schedule is almost complete.  In a 6 week time period I will have done the following:
Ironman Louisville
Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas
Berlin Marathon
Ironman World Championship in Kona

How fantastic!