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There are too many races to list here so I changed this category to "Favorite Race Results and PRs"

Personal Records:


Ironman (27) - 9:57:23 Ironman Brasil

Ironman World Championships (2) - 10:30:26

Ironman Louisville (10) - 10:03:37

Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon - 22nd overall

1/2 Ironman - (Lots of races) 4:33:00 Kinetic 1/2 Ironman

1/2 Ironman World Championship (1) - 4:47:51

Olympic Distance (Countless) - 2:00:34

Sprint (Lost count and have not raced one in a long time)


Ultra Marathon (1) - 14:01:58 - 100k Ultra Race Of Champions (UROC)

Marathon (Lots!) - 2:58:23

Boston Marathon (5) - 3:01:29

Half Marathon(4)  - 1:24:47

5k (Several) - 18:06

Some Recent Race Notes:


Ironman 70.3 Honu - Hawaii - 7th in 45-49 World Championship Qualification

Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon 2.7mi Swim, 112mi Bike, 27.5mi Mountain Run (22nd overall)

Ironman Couer d'Alene

Up Next:

70.3 World Championships

Michigan Law Enforcement Torch Run

Ironman Louisville (for the 11th time)

Older Races:

7/19/14 Blue Water Triathlon 1500m S, 40k B, 10k R
Swim      T1     Bike      MPH      T2      Run       MPM     Finish
20:33     1:23   58:32    24.9      :45      39:59     6:32      2:00:34

6th Overall
2nd 40-49AG

Without much speed training this summer this one was going to be a struggle from the get go.  I went naked on the bike so no power and no looking at the GPS for speed.   The run started off as planned and I was actually able to descend from mile one to end at 6:23 pace.  There is still some speed left in there.  

Up next is Ironman Louisville and a shot at the big one!

4/21/14 Boston Marathon 26.2mi Run
Swim      T1      Bike     MPH      T2     Run        MPM      Finish
N/A         N/A     N/A      N/A       N/A    3:01:29  6:55       3:01:29

2455th of a reported 32,000 registrants

This was supposed to just be an EASY effort.  My HR was uncontrolled at the starting line and I wasn't able to bring it down much at all during the race.  I slowed pace mid race and tried to pick things back up at about mile 22.  

All in all I am happy to have been a part of this race.  Although I qualified for next year, I may not be back for this event as I really need to focus on triathlon training and coaching.  

Up next is Ironman Brazil!

3/17/14 Ironman Los Cabos 2.4mi S, 112mi B, 26.2mi R
Swim       T1     Bike        MPH      T2     Run         MPM    Finish
1:07:00    5:08  5:31:20  20.28     1:50   3:44:29   8:34    10:29:47

Notes: The swim went well and this was a PR, even as a non-wetsuit swim.  
97th Place Overall (Including Pros)
10th Place in 45-49 Age Group
I missed Qualifying for Kona by 2 slots.

The swim felt a lot longer than it was and I literally got hammered despite the low turn out for this event.  It was hot during this race and there is ZERO shade so I loved it.  shame on the race directors for changing the date for next year. I am not happy about that at all.  

The bike was rough but at least I had my oen bike this time.  I hadonly ridden outside once since Ironman Arizona last fall.  I wasn't expecting much from this event but it showed me promise for the year. 

I stayed smooth on the run and despite the high temps, I made up a lot of sports during the run.  

8/25/13 Ironman Louisville 2.4mi S, 112mi B, 26.2mi R
Swim      T1      Bike        MPH     T2      Run        MPM    Finish
1:02:36   3:43   5:15:44   21.4     3:35    3:36:59  8:15     10:02:37

Notes: The swim went well and this was a PR, even as a non-wetsuit swim.  
56th Place Overall (Including 21 Pros)
9th Place in 40-44 Age Group
I missed Qualifying for Kona by one slot again!

The swim went well and I focused on body position and balance. Remaining calm was key in the murky Ohio River.  The water temp was "82" but it felt more like 84.  I was roasting with a kit under my speed suit.  When I exited and saw 1:02 on my watch, I was thrilled!  I placed way lower in the AG than normal so I know it was me that made the change and not the river. 

I started off on the bike with even power using my SRM.  Using a higher cadence allowed me to get things moving and changing to another sport.  Going easy and holding back ended up being a mistake this time.  I can ride this course around 5:05 and giving up 10 minutes was not a good idea.  I was able to ride the last 10 miles at a decent wattage and was ready for the run. 

The run started off wonderfully.  I felt fantastic and was carrying a pace for the marathon of my dreams.  About mile 5 I started to need to walk some aid stations.  When I was running, I was in the 7:45 range but the walks at the aid stations started to be unbalanced.  I ran the last two miles strong and know that it is in me somewhere to crank out a 3:15-20.  

I will be back to Louisville next year as this was my 7th race on that course and 15th Ironman.  
Next up is Ironman Arizona and my quest for another sub 10 and early Kona Qualification. 

7/20/13 Blue Water Triathlon 1.5k Swim, 40k Bike, 10k Run
(2.8k Run, 40k Bike, 10k Run)
Run 1     T1      Bike       MPH     T2     Run 2     MPM    Finish
0:8:43     0:44  1:00:50   24.5     0:43  0:39:26   6:20     1:50:25

Avg. MPM Run 1 was 5:00

Notes: The swim was cancelled due to rough conditions in the Great Lake.  
5th Place Overall
1st Place in 40-49 Age Group
3rd International event of the season
I was a little miffed about the swim cancellation but that is triathlon...sometimes things happen.  Well a couple
things happened....  

I recently charged my Di2 battery but when we left to ride to the race my bike would not shift at all. No one at the event had a charger but there were other athletes with Di2.  I was lucky enough to borrow a battery to put my bike in the 14 cog and obviously had to just leave it in that gear for the whole ride.  

My goal was to stay with the 20 year olds during run 1.  After the run I was about 20 seconds off the lead.  The lead group on the bike started fast and I wasn't able to close the gap at all.  Coming out of the turn around points was tough with only one gear.  I just stayed aero and pushed forward.  

My goal was to bike under an hour today and run under 40:00.  I was able to come close on the bike but am pretty happy with the run.  I started out smooth and my legs did not feel heavy coming off of the bike at all.  The first mile was around 6:30 and I was able to increase the speed through the run.  At the turn around point I had one guy close behind but I was able to hold him off for the last 5k to finish strong.  

Jayne got herself back into racing this weekend and had a great bike!  My youngest son, Collin finished 3rd in his AG in the triathlon on Sunday.  I am proud of him for that!  He looked very strong compared to last year.    

Next major race = Ironman Louisville 2013!

7/14/13 Caseville Half Ironman 1.2mi S, 56mi B, 13.1R
Swim       T1     Bike         MPH    T2      Run       MPM    Finish
0:37:59*  1:27   2:23:06   23.6     1:00   1:45:50  8:04     4:50:40

Notes: *Swim time included a very long run through knee deep water as the lake was VERY shallow
3rd Place Overall
This race was added to my schedule the Monday before the event.  I felt like I needed to add an event to get some more race experience before heading into Ironman Louisville.  

The event was handled by a newer company.  I had not competed in one of their events prior to this.  The swim and bike were as advertised but there were some issues with the run.  It was an out and back and after mile 2.5 the road turned into packed sand then unpacked sand.  Almost 9 miles in sand was not what I had planned to run in.  The advertisement was "paved and dirt roads".  Granted, everyone had to run in it but if I would have know it was sand, I'd have picked a different race.  

I went in very fatigued from my peak training period but I needed to see what I had.  My swim was about 34min and that is normal but I am working on it.  The bike went ok with a little bit of a wattage drop off that I will write off as fatigue.  The run started out great with some sub 7 stuff but went to the pooper quickly with the sand.  

Jayne told me after the bike I was in 3rd place overall and she was proud of me.  I didn't want to let her down.  I was passed with about 4.5 miles to go, putting me in fourth.  I continued to push forward and one of the guys I had been trying to catch on the bike was walking up ahead.  I asked if he was ok and thought to myself, "This is my chance to podium."  I wasn't going to let it slide from here.  I had never been top 3 in a long course race and today may be the day.  I kept thinking of what Jayne said and with a mile to go, turned around and no one was in sight.  I picked it up and took it home, edging out a "World's" competitor and being 1st in my AG by about a half hour.  

Still lots to do before my next two Ironman events for the year but I am excited to be coming back!   Next up is a fast Olympic this coming weekend. 

5/26/13 Ironman Brasil 2.4mi S, 112 B, 26.2 R
Swim      T1       Bike        MPH     T2       Run        MPM     Finish
1:06:21   5:08    5:08:25   21.76    3:31   3:34:16   8:06      9:57:23

Notes: PERSONAL RECORD time for Ironman
152nd Overall
22nd in Age Group

The comeback continues as I fought my way through the Ironman Brasil course to a Personal Record and Sub 10 hour finish. This was a very well handled event despite we didn't speak the language.  We will most certainly be back again as we had a blast!  Staying and training with Endurance Sports Travel was key and we made some really great friends along the way.  

While I am happy with the PR, I will strive to work on my swim and keep lowering my run times.  There is still more in the tank!

4/27/13 Louisville Half Marathon 13.1mi Run
Swim     T1     Bike    MPH    T2     Run       MPM   Finish
N/A        N/A    N/A    N/A      N/A   1:24:47  6:26     1:24:47

Notes: Top 10 in Age Group
PERSONAL RECORD time for 1/2
73rd of 11,484 Overall
8th in Age Group

This was a fun event that we ran after two days of working hard on the bike and run on the Ironman Louisville course.  I wasn't sure what to expect from this race because of going in tired but it provided a decent result!

10/13/12 Ironman World Championships - Kona, HI 2.4mi S, 112mi B, 26.2mi R
Swim      T1      Bike       MPH    T2     Run       MPM   Finish
1:18:15   3:56   5:43:18 19:58   4:44   3:46:33 8:38    10:56:45

Notes: World Championships #2 Completed!

The swim went really badly for me here.  Although I was sick for most of the week leading in, I felt pretty good in the water during practice.  I started too far back and swam way off line.  Drafting only works when the people in front of you swim straight!  I was happy to get out on the bike and was going to go hard at the beginning in order to make up some time.  Harder than I had planned I guess I should say.  The wind for the couple days before the race was increasing and I knew the ride back to town would be tough.  What I wasn't expecting was the wind prior to the climb to Hawi.

In 2010 when I raced this, most of the wind was on the climb up.  I didn't see wind like this on the Queen K heading north.  We had a little sprinkle of rain on the way down from Hawi and then nothing but heat, sun and wind on the way back to town.  I was VERY ready to get off the bike and was pretty upset with my bike time.  

The run started off well and I ran until the 4 corners, walked the hill and walked Palani.  After a couple sports on the Queen K, I ran most of the way out.  I didn't have my Garmin so I was under the impression that my run was going better than it did.  I lost 10 minuted somewhere along the way.  While in the Energy lab, I picked a goal of finishing this race in under 11 hours.  That is an hour over my goal for this event but with all the races I had completed this fall, I'd take it.  

As usual, the run through town to the finish was glorious!  Any bad things that happened in my life this year, were gone for a brief few minutes and I was able to smile, live, love and yearn for more!  Thanks to Jayne, my kids Grant and Collin, and everyone that made this dream come true this year!

9/30/12 Berlin Marathon 26.2mi Run
Swim   T1     Bike   MPH   T2     Run       MPM    Finish
N/A      N/A   N/A     N/A     N/A   2:58:23 6:48     2:58:23

First international marathon  
First marathon under 3 hours
1110th of a reported 56,000 registrants

Thanks Jayne, Doug and Kurt for an amazing experience!  Although the trip was short, it was very sweet.  I loved the city and had a fantastic time there.  I would go back in a second.  I went into this race beat up, a little heavy but pretty rested.  Mentally, I tried to check out.  I left my cell phone off once I left the US and stayed in touch via Facebook and email.  

On race morning, my plan was simple, go out at a decent pace and see how I would feel at the half mark.  If I was doing well and feeling well, I would continue and try to push myself all the way through.  If there was a sense of a medical issue or extreme fatigue, I would back it down and save something for Kona.  With these last two races, I needed one of them to be was this one!  At the half point, I felt wonderful and anything from 6:30-6:45 pace felt effortless.  I was able to hold onto this feeling until about mile 23.  At that point, I started to get tired but knew I was going to have a great chance to obtain a huge goal....."Sub 3".  

I smiled, clenched my fists and was extremely happy to cross the line and shatter a previous PR by 9 minutes.  After talking to Jayne and several athletes, we noticed our Garmins read 26.7 miles.  Looking a the download, I averaged 6:40 pace for 26.7 miles.  Up next.....KONA!

9/9/12 Ironman 70.3 World Championships - Vegas 1.2mi S, 56mi B, 13.1mi R
Swim   T1     Bike        MPH   T2     Run       MPM   Finish
35:49   3:59  2:44:34  20.42   2:02 1:59:59  8:55    4:47:51

Notes: World Championships for Half Ironman!

Although this was a World Champioship event, it was a "C" race for me.  I was mentally and physically tired from Ironman Louisville and all the drama that has lead up to this fall.  We went to have the experience and to see a new course.  We used Ken Glah's Endurance Sports Travel and had a great time meeting them.  

The swim here was brutal and this winter, I will be working very hard on my swim.  The bike course started out wonderfully.  I had amaxing power and felt fantastic despite coming off of Ironman just a few days prior to this race.  It is too bad it didn't last.  About 15 mile from T2, the power left and I felt like I had two flats and my brakes were rubbing.  After limping into T2, I headed out for the run. 

The run was not me best but the sections I was able to run were pretty decent.  I feel like I may be one the way back up and 2013 looks like it could be an epic year for me.  2 more big races to come this year still!

3/18/12 Ironman San Juan 70.3 1.2mi S, 56mi B, 13.1mi R
Swim    T1      Bike        MPH    T2       Run        MPM     Finish
34:38    4:15   2:19:12   24.14   2:00    1:47:46  8:13      4:47:51

Notes: Qualified for Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas!
69th overall 
5th in 40-44 Age Group

This was a "C" race for me that turned into something great!  My plan was to just enjoy the swim and gain speed through the last half, ride the bike well then pick up my run as I went along.  The run did not go as planned but I rolled with it.  The course was hot and humid and it took me a few minutes on  the second lap to regain my composure.  After a little bit of walking and ice, I was back into a running motion.  

It wasn't my strongest run, or even a "regular run" but it was enough, coupled with the other two events and great transitions to get me to Vegas.  Thanks Tom and Cindy for the invite.  Thanks to Jayne and Congratulations on your first Half finish!  Thanks to Tribike Transport for getting my ride there.  Up next.....Boston Marathon and Ironman St. George.

9/24/11 Ultra Race of Champions 100k Trail run
Swim   T1     Bike   MPH    T2      Run        MPM   Finish
N/A      N/A   N/A     N/A      N/A   14:01:58 13:29  14:01:58

Notes: First Ultra Marathon
37th overall 
6th in 40-44 Age Group
173 runners started this event - 79 finished it

This race was a new type of event for me.  My friend Seth talked me into taking on this challenge. He didn't have to twist my arm too hard but it was way outside of my box.  Ultra AND a trail as well?  My GPS actually read 64.88 miles by the time I was done.  I took myself on an unexpected detour 3 miles out or I would have finished in a time to qualify for Western States.  

The trail was crazy tough in some parts and the advertised the vertical as 13,000 plus up and down.  The GPS read in excess of 19,000 feet.    While even almost a week afterwards I still have swelling in my lower legs and ankles, I may sign up for some more of these events.  A special shout out to Bradford for keeping me in check and providing great conversation.  Also, the crew and volunteers were fantastic!

10/9/10 Ironman World Championship - Kona HI 2.4mi S, 112mi  B, 26.2mi R
Swim        T1     Bike        MPH     T2     Run         MPM    Finish
1:13:24    3:59   5:30:23  20.3      3:14   3:40:26   8:24     10:30:26

774th overall (including pros)
146th in 40-44 Age Group
Age group rank after each sport = Swim-172, Bike-171, Run-146   

8/30/10 Ironman Louisville 2.4mi S, 112mi B, 26.2mi R
Swim       T1      Bike        MPH    T2      Run        MPM     Finish
1:07:08   3:24    5:13:02   21.5    3:11    3:39:58  8:24      10:06:43

Notes: Personal Record
35th overall (including pros)
4th of 495 in 40-44 Age Group
21st amateur to finish  
Age group rank after each sport = Swim-43, Bike-11, Run-4   

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